Prepping Your Home

My interactions with home owners are limited, but often the first thing I’m asked is “What can I do to make the rooms look better?”

Often the simplest things are the best things to do. Here are my top three tips for prepping your home for photography:

  1. Lights & Window Treatments
    1. Ensure that all your lights are working, and any burned out bulbs are replaced, including any surface lights, like the stove light, or under/above cabinet lights. I will turn on ALL lights in a room before taking any photos. This adds to the ambiance of the room, and of course, provides extra lighting.
    2. Window Treatments should also be in working order. Blinds should be able to be opened/closed, curtains should have pulls or hooks to hold them back if necessary, and should be able to be opened all the way. You want to showcase any view that your home might have, and provide a more open and airy feeling.
  2. Remove the Clutter
    1. This is huge! People often have photos and other knick-knack type things that they place around their home to make it personal. The idea behind any real estate or rental photography is to take a photo that the viewer can imagine living in. This means that you should remove any excessive clutter such as family photos, magazines, figurines, etc.
    2. On the same hand, there are a few things that when added (in moderation) can provide a pop of color or interest to the room. Things like fruit in bowls, table books, and flowers can be really nice touches. The goal here is to make the home look inviting, but somewhat generic, so that any person could imagine themselves there.
  3. Landscaping
    1. If you are having the landscaping done the day of the photo shoot remember to rake and remove any excess grass cuttings, or trimmings from trees/plants.
    2. During or before the photo shoot, remove the garbage cans, or any clutter from the photos.
    3. Move vehicles out of the driveway.
    4. Sweep any porch, stairs, and sidewalks, including in front of your home.
    5. Adding flowers/shrubs in colors that compliment your home can add a touch of color and curb appeal.

With a little bit of prep, your photos can enhance your listing and entice future owners/renters to inquire more.

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Keuka Lake House Simple Interior


Both photos are of the home “Hidden Treasure” available for rent through Finger Lakes Premier Properties.

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